Top Tips on Choosing a Trendy Round Beach Blanket

The fundamentals of having a fun day at the beach was slowly revised from barbeques and beach volleyball to making everything picture-perfect to be able to post on one’s social media sites. Aside from a beach-ready body and a tan skin, beach goers are continuously on the scout in order to find the right beach accessories such as swimsuits, flip-flops and a beach blanket. Round beach blankets are really trendy nowadays.
They are sold everywhere from malls to online stores. One of the best suppliers of beach towels in the market today is a brand named Mandala. Mandala beach blankets comes with the same high quality promise that the brand became known for with its other products. Mandala has a wide range of trendy round beach blankets that will suit your style at any given day.

Here are some tips on how you can choose a trendy round beachblankets for your picture-perfect day at the beach:

1. Travel light

When you are planning to have a great day at the beach, the last thing you would want to see yourself carrying are a small bag and a humongous and heavy beach blanket that can pass as a carpet. Beach blankets are supposed to make you look at ease and relaxed, not pissed at the world. You’ll be surprised how a massive seven by seven blanket can be light enough to carry around the beach. Choose a blanket made from a cool, comfy and light fabric. Mandala beach blankets are definitely soft and lightweight, but they are also durable and machine washable which makes them pretty easy to handle wherever you may want to use them or clean them up. Some are available in cotton, polyester, fleece, etc. Just make sure to buy one that with adequate cushioning to make you feel comfortable lying down.

2. Stay Chic

This tip is an absolute giveaway. While making sure your round beach blanket does its job of protecting your skin against the sand, it wouldn’t hurt for it to help make you look gorgeous too. Define your personal style and choose a round beach blanket that best matches it. You’ll surely be able to find a design that will suit your personality in the Mandala collection. They have great choices for teens, kids, and adults alike. Go for Aztec prints or colorful patterns for a trendy boho look, or opt for classic solid or striped colors for a classier feel.

3. Make room

The whole point of bringing a beach blanket to your getaway is to be able to lie down on it. Choose a beach blanket size that will fit you and your beach buddies. Mandala beach blankets are roomy enough for a whole family to share and can also be folded back into a size just for one. You can also buy one with built-in pockets so you can put in some stuff you would want to have near you. As large as a beach blanket may appear, it can also be folded into a small size that you can carry around or tuck away in your car’s glove compartment.

Now you can easily find round beach blankets at to enjoy your beach holiday.


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